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Are you having trouble understanding how the Umobix Tracker App Works? If yes, then don’t worry, as this guide will teach you everything you need to know about Umobix.

With the advent of smartphones, many basic requirements of life have moved over to these portable gadgets. Basic functions like a calendar and calculator, as well as the ability to call a loved one, can now be performed on your mobile phones. The Internet, which can be easily accessed by a smartphone, is full of dangers for people who are naive enough.

As your young ones grow up, getting them a smartphone becomes a necessity. But what about all the misuse of smartphones that your children can conduct, willingly or by mistake? What if there was a way to track the smartphone activity and location of your child so you can keep an eye on them even while you’re away?

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The simple answer is the Unimobix app. This parental control app can allow you to stay in touch with what your child does on their phone. It’s the perfect app to protect them from online bullies and predators. In this article, we shall guide you on how to use Unimobix Tracker App and everything else about it.

What Is Umobix App?

Umobix is one of the best tracking and surveillance apps in the market. It can allow parents to monitor the activity of their children remotely. It works by accessing every social media app your child uses, as well as their call logs, location, and their messages. This information is shown comprehensively to you on your user account dashboard.

What Are The Features Of the Umobix App?

There is a list of features that Umobix has given to the user, which can help them keep up to date with the day-to-day activities of their child.

Browser History

The app can track every link that was opened by your children. If you find a malicious link, you can easily block your child’s access to it directly from the dashboard of your user control account.

Tracking of social apps

Using this feature, you can easily track your child’s activity on different social media platforms. Not only that, you can even fully gain access to your kid's entire social media account. This is one of the standout features of Umobix. It allows you to be completely in control of who your child messages and follows, as well as the images they upload.

Messaging apps and Keylogger

As the name suggests, you, as a parent, can keep track of your child’s messaging history. This works for both the built-in SMS and MMS app, as well as 3rd party apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, etc. You can read the contents of the messages, as well as the name of the contact, the date, and the exact time the message was sent.

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Wi-Fi Connection

Unimobix keeps track of all the saved Wi-Fi connections of your child. The option to block any specific Wi-Fi is also given on the dashboard of your User Control account.

App Activity

This feature allows you to monitor all the installed apps on your child’s smartphone. It can also tell you the name and the time of any app that your child uninstalls. From the dashboard, you can choose to block or uninstall any specific app that you deem dangerous for your child.

Phone Media

Among the many useful features of Umobix is the ability to access your child’s phone gallery. This allows you to explore the gallery and see the photos and videos stored on your youngster’s phone, as well as the time and date they were captured on.


A feature that isn’t mentioned a lot with Umobix is the ability to start streaming a real-time feed from your child’s camera. You will receive a full live video from either the front camera or the rear, along with the audio captured from the phone’s microphone. This allows you to assess if they are in any danger and call the emergency services before any harm befalls your child.

GPS Tracking

The Umobix app can track and log the locations visited by your child over a period of time. Although this feature requires a constant internet connection to work, it can be an extremely handy tool to monitor where your child goes.

Access To Deleted Files

Your child may think that if they delete stuff from their phones, it’s gone forever. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Deleted files leave an imprint on the storage for some time and aren’t permanently removed unless another file overwrites the old data. Umobix can access this data and show it on your dashboard, so you can be wary if your child is trying to hide some data from you.

Umobix Installation Procedure

Step 1: Register your account

Go to the Umobix website and create an account. You will then choose a subscription plan and complete the purchase.

Step 2: Install the Unimobix App

After purchasing, you have to install the Unimobix app on your child’s phone by following the instructions given to you on your user account.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

The Unimobix app will soon start sending you the tracked data from your child’s phone to your user account.

Umobix Reviews - Does It Work As Advertised?

Umobix has managed to score upward of 4 stars out of 5 in almost every review. This isn’t without any good reason. The application manages to perform almost every feature it advertises, making it a bargain product at this price point. This makes it the perfect buy for parents looking to keep a sharper eye on their children and their smartphone activity.


Umobix comes in with a plethora of features that make it among the best in the market. Each of the features works as promised, without any gimmick.

Umobix has very good customer support, mostly because this app is new and wants to make a good customer base. Nevertheless, this means that you can get in contact with professional and knowledgeable customer care representatives who know what they’re doing. The live chat feature is the most preferred method of communication due to its readiness.

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The Umobix app compatibility is very wide. It can be installed on Android versions as old as 4.0 Kitkat. On iOS, the compatibility starts from iOS 8 and upwards, making it available on almost every iPhone that came after iPhone 4. Such broad software support makes Umobix perfect for parents who tend to buy older and less costly hardware as their child’s first phone.

Payment plans for Umobix are made to be flexible. Starting from as low as $49.99 per month, these plans are divided into monthly, quarterly, and yearly tenures. These are further partitioned into Basic and Full plans, giving the parents more choice in selecting their preferred option.


The feature support on android is slightly wider than on iOS. Things like the iOS social message and media tracking are limited when compared to their Android counterpart. Furthermore, Umobix offers no free trial period to the customers. As the one-month plan has a lot less value than the 12-month plan, this makes it a hard buy for parents who want to try out Umobix first.

Another drawback is that it requires the parent to have physical access to their child’s phone for on-time installation of Umobix. Although it makes sense from a security standpoint, this makes it difficult for parents who live away from their children to get the Umobix app to work.

The fact that a small screencast icon is visible on your child’s phone makes the app vulnerable to detection by your child. This can make them aware that you’re monitoring them and can even lead to a confrontation with your child.

From an ethical standpoint, monitoring every activity of your child is a questionable action. Some features of Umobix may very well cross the line of reasonability when it comes to individual privacy. While the parents are the better judge of this, spying on your child’s phone may lead to serious implications down the road. It’s always better to have a friendly discussion with your child and to trust them before resorting to such techniques.

Umobix Pricing

Umobix offers flexible pricing plans for its customers. The plans are conveniently divided into Basic and Full, with basic cutting the features down to compensate for the decreased price.

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  • 1 Month plan for $29.99


  • 1 Month plan for $49.99
  • 3 Month plan for $79.99 (costs $26.66 per month)
  • 12 Month plan for $149.99 (costs $12.49 per month)



  • 1 Month plan for $29.99


  • 1 Month plan for $59.99
  • 3 Month plan for $99.99 (costs $33.33 per month)
  • 12 Month plan for $179.99 (costs $149.99 per month)

What Is The Difference Between Basic And Full

The Full plan comes packed with every Umobix feature we mentioned above. The Basic plan cuts back on a few major features like social media monitoring, keylogging of messages, and web browser and bookmarks monitoring.

These are some key distinguishing features of Umobix and were probably removed from this plan to compel people to buy the Full Umobix plans. Nonetheless, the basic plan makes it convenient for people who want to try the Umobix app out first before they invest in a Full plan.

Umobix vs Mspy - Which Is The Better Option?

Mspy has been around for a long time and may be considered the father of parenting control apps. On the other hand, Umobix is a youngling who has just entered this market and is looking to create a customer base of its own. But which of these would be the better choice to monitor your child’s phone? Let’s discuss the key differences between the two.

Feature List

The list of features provided by both apps is the same. However, each has a few extra qualities that give one an edge over the other.

Mspy has a handly Geofencing tool that’s missing from Umobix. This allows you to create a custom zone on the map within which you’re child is free to roam. As soon as he steps out of that zone, you’ll be instantly alerted of your child’s location. Umobix, on the other hand, provides you with the feature of getting an instant google maps link to your child’s location.

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In the keystroke feature, Mspy takes a clear win. It provides clear and accurate keywords that Umobix sometimes fails to achieve. The latter has some issues, which cause it to show incomplete sentences. Furthermore, Mspy can track specific keywords. When the flagged keyword is used by your child, you will instantly be alerted.

Umobix takes the upper hand in web browser tracking. It gives you screenshots of your child’s activities as well as keeps track of deleted browser history. These features are missing from Mspy.


Both apps are very competitively priced. Mspy offers a similar pricing format to Umobix, but the pricing for both Android and iOS are kept the same. When compared directly, Mspy comes out as the cheaper alternative between these two.

However, you have to keep in mind that Mspy doesn’t allow monitoring of more than one device per account, unlike Umobix. A differently priced Family plan from Mspy is the way to go for multiple devices.


Both Apps are compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. The android support starts from version 4.0 and upwards for both, whereas for iOS, mSpy supports iOS 7 as well. This allows it to be used even on the archaic iPhone 4.

Final Thoughts

Umobix is a brand new contender in the world of surveillance apps. It has a long list of features and reasonable and smart price plans, making it very competitive with other parenting control apps like Mspy.

In this article, we discussed all of the features of Umobix and how to install it. We also compared it to Mspy so that customers can make an informed decision when buying it. Thank you for reading.

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