Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 10, 2021

This Privacy Policy is a consent from the service provided for customers to imply policies on the assembly, use, and application of the information you have provided and give brief information concerning your privacy rights and the way the system or the rules and regulations that protect your personal information.

We use your personal information to have ease of access in providing you our services as well as improve the service based on your feedback. By accessing and using the service, you are agreeing to the terms and use of data following this Privacy Policy.


Know the correct word meanings for Privacy Policy:

An Account is defined as the credentials you provide so that the service manager can provide you information regarding the website as a registered user.

Cookies are the little files that fill the storage on your device by a website, containing the small print of your browsing history on it and enabling it will give you the contents of the website and its several uses.

Country refers to all the countries mentioned in the articles

Device means that any device from which you can enjoy the service for example a laptop, desktop, or various mobile devices.

Personal information is required for future purposes to recognize individuals based on information.

Service refers to the website.

Service supplier means the information is given on behalf of the management by a third-party knowledge provider. They provide information on behalf of the corporate. These people are appointed by the management to improve the Service, to supply the Service on behalf of the service management, and also to perform services associated with the Service or to collect information and help the service staff to gather data and analyze.

Usage information refers to information collected mechanically after visiting the pages of the website, either generated by the developer team of the service to keep track of user records.

Website refers to the pages of our service.

Personal information

If you want to get the best advantages from our service, you will need to provide credentials or personal information to identify you. Provide the following information:

Email address

First name and family name

Phone variety

Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City

Usage Data

Once you start browsing our website, the system will start getting information like the I.P address of your internet, identify the browser you are using, browser version, history of the web pages you have visited, and different data collected for output.

When You access the service by a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, the  Privacy Policy states that we can collect info mechanically, including, the kind of mobile device you are using for browsing, the device id of your mobile or another tech, the IP address of your device, your mobile software(if applicable), identifying other devices used by the user and different diagnostic information.

Tracking Technologies and Cookies

We use Cookies on our website to get specific information regarding user activity. You can control the cookie settings by disabling or enabling the settings. Cookies allow you to access all the sections of the service. If you don’t have cookies enabled in your settings, you won’t be able to access some pages of our web service.