Terms of Use

Last updated: May 10, 2021

Before you browse through the contents of our website, read the Terms of Use on our page to check the terms and agreements.


Words that have been started with a capital letter have their meanings depending on the text structure. The following words have no change in meaning even if they are used in various articles.


Go through the word list to get familiar with the words:

Affiliate is used when an object is related or shared with another one.

The country term is used to name a specific country like the U.S, India, etc.

Company/ Store has been indicated as “our website”, “our page” on various articles on our website.

The device is the medium in which a user can browse through the contents of our page like a laptop, desktop, mobile devices, etc.

Service means the solution and effort provided by the management team to the customers or users.

Terms of Use are referred to as forming the conditions and criteria to come up with an agreement between the users and the service providers. The service provider will explain the Terms of Use to the users so that they can easily use the features of the service.

Third-party means the middleman who provides service on behalf of the main management team.


The Terms of Use are described below to establish an agreement and restriction between the user and the service provider. Every user has been briefed on the Terms of Use to clear the responsibility. They must comply with the statement and orders.

Accepting the terms will help you connect and you can have access to the services.

Remember that you must be 18 years old or older to use the service. If you are not 18 years old, the service provider will not allow you access to their content.

The information you provided is also an agreement for Terms of Use. Before you have registered access, try to read the Privacy Policy to get additional details for the account.

Providing alternate links for another website

We may provide third-party links in our service. The service provider will not take responsibility for the service it provides. The third-party service provider is not all securely encrypted. So, make sure to check the terms and agreements for those third-party websites.

Termination services

The service provider can control your access on their page and can temporarily suspend if any problems are found. The service will not be available for you if you are terminated after not maintaining the terms and agreement decided before.

Governing rule

The rule imposed by the judiciary of the country, adding with its conflicting rules, will dictate the Terms of Use for your service. The use of service may be maintained by local and international laws.

Solving problems

If you encounter any difficulties or problems regarding the Terms of Use and are concerned about how to progress forward, contact the service provider to first solve the dispute.


Even if the service provider fails to maintain a rule shall not influence the service provider’s ability and do better a better job of maintaining the terms given the situation.

For EU users

European Users will get compulsory provisions of the law of the service which is very beneficial for them.

U.S legal compliance

As a service provider, you must provide sufficient documents to support the term that the service provider is not associated with the banned parties who have been restricted or prohibited from providing service according to U.S law.

Changing terms

If the service provider finds faults or problems regarding any provisions, they will change the provision and establish a new one having no faults and the rest of the provision will remain concrete.

Applying changes to Terms of Use

The service provider holds the authority to make any changes to the terms and agreement at any time depending on the severity. The service provider will provide notice before 30 days to apply the new agreement stated. The revision of the Terms must be accepted by the consumer. If you do not want the revision, do not enter the website and stop getting service.

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