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TracFone Promo Codes June 2024

TracFone Wireless, Inc. is a provider of no-contract, prepaid mobile phones in the USA. It operates as a virtual network operator under several American brands, including the U.S. Cellular, AT&T Mobility, and a few others. The company is originally a subsidiary of América Móvil — the largest telecommunications company in Mexico.

TracFone has garnered huge popularity because of its user-friendly services and plans. Its main draw is the no-contract plan, so you can purchase TracFone plans without buying a smartphone.

Why Is TracFone Better Than Other Providers?

TracFone is a no-contract network operator in the true sense. There's no obligation to purchase a phone with a plan. You can purchase just a phone, or a plan, or both. An Activation Kit from TracFone is the only extra thing that you will need to keep your current phone. 

No charge. Another big draw of TracFone is no annual or monthly charge. You don't need to pay anything extra beyond giving payment for a phone or minute bundle.

Low prices and flexibility. It's hard to find a better American brand in terms of low-price cell phones. Most providers sell contract phones with a high monthly fee. With TracFone, you can choose a no-contract, pay-per-use plan. It means that consumers have full control over their monthly airtime usage and phone bills. 

The Details of TracFone Rewards

The TracFone Rewards Program gives you access to multiple bonuses through free services and discounts. As a participant in this free program, you can earn points to spend on buying various services.

Points can be redeemed for purchasing calling, texting, and data plans. Earning points is fun and easy if you follow these tips:

Referral: Upon joining the rewards program, you will get access to unlimited referral codes. Invite your friends, family members, and acquaintances and enjoy a free month if anyone accepts your invitation and joins TracFone. If 12 people join through your codes, you will get free service for a whole year.

Refill. With each refill, you will get points automatically. Choosing the auto-refill option will double the number of points.

Play and Watch. Earning bonus points while watching video clips and playing video games sounds fun. TracFone allows customers to gain points through entertainment. Sharing stuff on your social media profile will also add to your point wallet.

What Are TracFone Extras?

TracFone offers some additional features through 'TracFone Extras' that any cell phone user will love to utilize. The bundle has several segments and each of the segments has multiple features. There is a 'My Account App' that basically works as a one-stop store for all TracFone services. You can check the balance, refill, buy plans, and do other things through this app.

One excellent feature of this bundle is add-ons, which is a standalone plan for call time, text, and data. For example, if you are running low on data, you can purchase more data through an add-ons plan.

You can also get handset protection, global calling, news of deals and promotions, free access to some entertainment services, and many other things.

What Is TracFone Promo Codes 60 Minute Card?

It's simply a promo code for TracFone's 60-minute basic plan available for $19.99. This no-contract plan stays active for 90 days and offers 20 reward points to the user. It's not hard to get promo codes online for this particular plan along with other TracFone coupons.

How to Use TracFone Promo Codes?

When you buy a plan from TracFone, you get a specific number of minutes, texts, and data. There are separate promo codes for each of these add-ons. So, you can use TracFone promo codes data for obtaining extra data or promo codes text for bonus texts.

Promo codes may not work all the time. Some are valid only for certain phone models. You have to find a reliable website to get all available valid codes for TracFone.

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Delivery / Return Policy

To know more information about our delivery policy, visit our website to learn more details. Please click here to read our return policy if you want to return any items or exchange them.


  • Hotline: 1-800-867-7183
  • Address: 9700 N.W. 112th Avenue Miami, FL 33178

TracFone Frequently Asked Questions

What Is TracFone BYOP?

One of the reasons for TracFone's popularity is its BYOP or 'Bring Your Own Phone' option. It allows keeping your current phone with other network providers. It's a great option for people who want to change providers without changing their phones.

TracFone accepts AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Unlocked GSM, and some CDMA phones. If your phone is compatible, you have to buy an Activation Kit and a service plan to enjoy flexible usage and nationwide coverage. 

What Are TracFone Deals?

There is a 'Deals' section on the TracFone website, offering various deals for the consumers. You can choose between the TracFone discount on refurbished phones and tax time deals on new phones.

If you are looking for TracFone discount codes, the company is currently providing a 25% discount to new users. Sign up by entering your email address and you will get a 25% off welcome coupon. It will also work as a subscription to the company's newsletters, containing product promotions and offers.

In addition, there are some daily deals for users, such as free shipping or a 15% discount for purchasing on that day.

Does TracFone Offer Deals on Special Events?

Yes, it does. Lucrative deals become available on big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also, customers get promo codes, free services, and other deals on holidays and special events.

How to Redeem TracFone Promo Codes

Redeeming promo codes at TracFone is quite simple. When buying an airtime service plan, there will be a separate box for adding the promo code. TracFone verifies the code instantly and upon approval, you will see the discounted amount at checkout. So, before paying for the plan, you will know if the code is accepted or not.

What Are TracFone Student Discounts?

The company offers special discounts for students. Partnering with Student Beans, TracFone gives students a straight $25 off of select phone models. To avail of the discount, you have to be a student and buy a phone from the select models with a plan in a single transaction. Before that, don't forget to open a free account in Student Beans and verify your student status.

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