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Sony LIV Coupons June 2024

Sony LIV is known for being one of the best online platforms for Indian TV serials, movies, sports, music, and other entertainment videos. The service was first launched in 2013 and it quickly became popular in the hearts of the Indian people for holding the best and popular shows. The platform is owned by Sony Pictures Network India and the main office is in Mumbai, India. Sony LIV became the center of attention when it broadcasted the FIFA World Cup live stream in 2018. The service has become so popular that the providers had to make it available on various devices.

Use the free trial to explore!

Normally, Sony LIV doesn’t provide any free trials. But you will be able to get access for 3 months to the free trial if you are using a MI mobile device or an MI Smart TV. The service provider has partnered with MI for this benefit to the customers. Remember that, the free service will not work for MI A1 mobile and device configuration of MIUI below the 9.5 version. As a customer, if you pass the criteria, you can enjoy the free trial offer. To access the offer, install the app on your device, log in to your account and go to the My Account page and click on the free trial offer to access. After enjoying the free trial, the premium section will be restricted, so you have to purchase the premium subscription after that. Use our Sony LIV premium coupon on your purchase to get a discount bonus for your subscription and save your money!

Purchase premium to access the best content!

Sony LIV has two purchase plans on their premium subscription. They are the 12-month plan and the 1-month plan. If you purchase the 12-month plan, you will be able to save more on your purchase as mathematically, the 12-month plans provide more savings of money than the 1-month plan. And after using our Sony LIV coupons, you will get the best offer on your premium plan thus saving capital!

Access Sony LIV on various devices and platforms!

The Sony LIV app is available on Android devices, iOS platforms, Smart TV devices, and many other devices. Install the app from the server on these devices and get the best streaming experience. There are different coupons available for free on our page for your Sony LIV subscription and show purchase discounts. Access the selected coupons based on the device you are using for your subscription. Access our free Sony LIV device coupons now! Do not miss out on the free offers!

Stay updated on social media for the latest offers!

If a new movie is released on the platform, Sony LIV updates in their official social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. If you want to get the latest news and plans of the streaming service, enable notifications for posts on these platforms and get the latest information on their services and releases so that you can save your discount coupons for new releases. Access the best coupons for Sony LIV on our page and get discounts up to 40% for new movies and shows on your premium account!

Get the best discount offers during festivals!

Sony LIV offers massive discounts on their premium subscription during the popular festivals: Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi, etc. Customers get massive discounts at half the original price on their subscription plan during these events. If you want to get more information about the events, check regularly for the schedule of the events and save more money by combining the offers from the streaming service and using our Sony LIV coupon codes for your subscription!

Customer support platform at Sony LIV

Need help regarding the billing cycle and payment procedures? Want to know the news and updates of upcoming releases? Looking for information regarding new discount offers? Contact the Sony LIV operatives from the Contact Us section on the Menu tab. Select the issue you want to discuss. Add more information on the blank section so that the operatives can understand the problem you are facing. Before submitting the form, you must provide your number and mail. A store operative will get in touch with you and solve your problems and clear your queries.

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Sony LIV Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Sony LIV if I do not understand the Indian language?

Sony LIV is available in almost eight languages: English, Tamil, Bengali, etc. Choose the language you prefer for browsing through the contents of Sony LIV to understand the information and description of particular shows.

How can I get the best offers at Sony LIV?

Pay for the premium subscription to get access to all of the contents in Sony LIV. You must renew your subscription to enjoy all the shows and sports. Use our Sony LIV premium codes on your subscription purchase to get discounts for your subscription plan and save money.

How long can I use the Sony LIV free trial?

If you are an MI device user, you can have 3 months of free trial subscription at Sony LIV. The free trial will start after you access by registering your account of Sony LIV in your MI device.

Can I use outdated coupons at Sony LIV?

No, once a coupon is expired, you cannot use the coupon for your premium purchase. Look for valid coupons on our page.

How can I receive new coupons in my mail for Sony LIV?

Subscribe to our page with your mail and enable notification to receive new coupons after release. You can also subscribe to your registered account at Sony LIV and get discounts on the live streaming platform by accessing the deals and offers available on the website for the day.

How can I use my discount coupon on my subscription to Sony LIV?

Copy the SonyLIV coupon code from our page. Go to the LIV Premium section and select the subscription plan. Click the View Offers section below and paste the code. The system will add the discount offer and reduce the amount of your subscription purchase.

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