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ProFlowers Coupons May 2022

ProFlowers first started its business as a retailing company to sell flower products in 1998 operating from San Diego, California, United States. The company collects flowers from flower farmers, suppliers, and other flower distributors and adds their facilities, and sells them to the customers. The company has joined its sales with another company named Florist’s Transworld Delivery in 2014. Since its establishment, ProFlowers has been growing and progressing to be one of the best flower retailers in the U.S and is not far from making history for its demand among the flower admirers and shoppers.

Search for the best flower from different categories!

The ProFlowers store has been designed to meet the expectations and for smooth scrolling to find the desired flower for the customers. The store is divided into various categories. You will find any type of flowers depending on various occasions like wedding ceremonies, rituals, birthday celebrations, festivals, etc. The categories are listed on the website and the flower choice depends on the selection of the categories or your purpose for buying flowers. For gifted people who are sick, you can choose flowers from the Get Well category. If you are gifting flowers on impulses or for gifting your favored people, then buy flowers from the Just Because category, cause the store divides the flowers depending on the mood or environment of the receiver. Next comes the Plant category. Here you will find all types of flowers and flower seeds available for growth. You can buy the flower buds and plant them in your garden or preferred place for decoration and also create a nice environment around your household. Get the best floral fragrance and environment you need! The next category is Sympathy. Here you will find the flowers for the saddest moments like if anyone has died, or if somebody incurred a great loss. You can buy flowers from this category and gift them as consolation. In the Anniversary section, you will find the best collection of flowers for any type of anniversary celebration. Buy flowers depending on the occasion and use the ProFlowers promo code to get massive discounts on your flower purchase!

Get the best-selling flowers in the store!

The store also has a list of their best-selling flowers and they are separated into another category, the Best Sellers section. They are also listed by the latest arrivals. See the best-sold flowers from the list and determine which flowers are the most suitable for you for purchase. You can use our ProFlowers coupons for the best-selling flowers to get up to 40% discounts on your flower purchase. Start ordering now before the coupon limit expires!

Send the flowers in baskets along with other items!

If you are sending flowers for gifts and surprise purposes, you can add various items along with the flowers and gift wrap them from ProFlowers. You can add various food items like chocolates, treats, biscuits, cakes, etc. You can also change the basket decorations by selecting the decoration pattern you want on your basket. The store will apply the changes according to your preference. Get your customized flower basket along with the flowers and consumables. Use our ProFlowers discount code online for your customization and reduce your cost by half using up to 40% discounts on purchase.

Register for notifications on coupons!

If you want to receive regular updates and notifications regarding new coupon releases and updated coupons list, sign up your mail for notifications and receive coupons for discounts, promotional offers, and massive deals, etc. Also, stay updated by regularly visiting our website for the latest coupon codes and available coupons for use. The store also frequently releases discount offers in the form of coupons and discount codes and they are listed on the website as the best deals. Check out the discount offers to see what the store has to offer on their regular and reward offers. If you don’t like the current offers, you can always come back later to the store website to see the new offers, as they update the offers frequently and get your preferable discounted flower product. To get more discounts on purchases use the discount coupons of the ProFlowers store and our ProFlowers updated coupon codes and get a massive discount combining both coupons on your purchase. Search for available coupons now!

Sign up for the gift rewards!

Create an account on the shop to get connected with the gift subscription options. You can order any type of flowers for different occasions among your close friends and household members. For this type of order, you can gift flowers with a free vase as an accessory. There will be no additional charge for shipment and the order will be delivered within a day. The flowers you ordered will be fresh upon delivery. The advantage of using this subscription is that the flower receiver will receive new flowers every day. The store ensures that they won’t receive the same flower. Register as a member and receive discounts on your monthly gift subscription using our ProFlowers gift coupon code and receive discounts while purchasing the monthly subscription plan.

Get free shipping from ProFlowers!

If you don’t have any ProFlowers stores near your location, you can always use the shipping option to receive the flowers for you or send them to any location. The store offers shipping to almost all over the United States and it has extended its shipping to over 150 countries. The delivery date is not fixed as it may vary depending on the customer's location. But it is better to process your order from the fastest provider to get the fresh flowers. Use our ProFlowers free shipping coupons in addition to the promotional coupons and discount coupons available to get discounts on your shipping cost and save more on your purchase.

ProFlowers refund options

If the shipping gets delayed by a margin, and if you receive flowers that are not fresh and behind the scheduled time you provided for delivery, you are eligible for a refund because the store has failed to deliver your order within the time. The store normally guarantees that the flowers will stay fresh for 7 days after plucking due to their processing and storing. The refunded amount will be given back to your account as credit and you can purchase other flowers using the account credits. Remember that, you will be refunded the amount that you used for your purchase. It means that if you have used discount coupons to reduce your costs, you will receive the reduced amount as a refund. If your next purchase is greater than the refund amount then you will have to pay the extra amount from your bank or card. Use our ProFlowers coupons to get discounts on your extra amount for payment to ensure that you won’t have to pay extra and use the refunded amount only to save on extra costs.

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  • Hotline: 1.800.580-2913
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: San Diego, California, United States
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  • Hotline: 1.800.580-2913
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: San Diego, California, United States

ProFlowers Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free coupons at ProFlowers?

The store will reward you with a 20% discount on a single order if you subscribe to your mail to receive notifications from the store for their offers and deals. For free coupons, keep visiting our updated coupons list regularly to get the recently available offers and use them on your purchase at ProFlowers for free.

How do I use the free coupons at ProFlowers?

After selecting your order of flowers and selecting additional items for purchase, proceed to checkout to get your payment summary. Apply the codes on checkout and the system will deduct the discounted amount from the product offered at discount.

Can I use multiple coupons for higher discounts at ProFlowers?

If the coupons are offered for different flower products, then you can add them serially and the system will register multiple coupon codes thus reducing your total cost. But if you are using coupons providing discounts for an entire purchase like 20% or 30% discounts on purchase, you won’t be able to apply and get the discounts because the system will only register a single coupon for discounts on the entire purchase. So, make sure which coupon you want to use and apply that.

How can I receive fresh flowers early for my order at ProFlowers?

If you want to get the flowers to the designated location as early as possible, you will have to select the best shipping the store provides which ships the flowers within a day. The shipping cost may be a bit higher than the normal ones, but the flowers will be fresh and this is where the satisfaction of the customer lies.

How long can the flowers be preserved after purchase at ProFlowers?

The store will process the flower order and package them in a box. The box is specially made by the store to hold the quality and freshness of the flower for seven days after picking it from the flower garden.

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