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Panda Express Coupons May 2022

Panda Express is a food service chain and was founded by Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng in 1983. The food industry is situated in California in the USA. It is the largest Asian restaurant chain that offers Chinese cuisine throughout the US. Their initial locations were in the shopping mall food courts but nowadays as their business getting bigger, their restaurants are founded in casinos, airports, amusement parks, and numerous venues. Panda Express also operates in Japan, Mexico, Canada, and UAE. Panda Express is now managing their services at 2200 locations in different countries with over 39,000 employees.

Divine of Chinese Foods and Beverages

Panda Express offers a wide range of foods and beverages. All of the food items are decorated in various subcategories. So, you can find your meal choices quite easily. You can find foods starting from the side dishes to the deserts and appetizers. They also have a tea bar for tea lovers. You can find various types of tea like Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, Lemonade Tea, and so on. In the side dishes section, you can find Chowmein, Fried Rice, and Super Greens. In the appetizer section, you can find Cream Cheese Rangoon, Chicken Egg Roll, Vegetable Egg Roll, and so on. Moreover, they provide you with various types of cookies in the Deserts section.

Policies and Services

Panda Express has some significant policies including both employees and customers. For employees, they insisted on some strict norms that must be followed by all the employees. And now, customers also possess privacy and return policies ensuring 100% security of the customers. Panda Express always protects the personal information you have given to them. They never share your information with anyone for safety issues.  In the case of returns, only the merchandise defects are considered refundable. Also, you have to contact customer service within 15 days to get authorization. If your product is accepted for return, you can get the order replaced.

Panda Express Catering

Panda Express offers a catering service also. You can easily order the food online and grab it at your doorstep. They provide their catering facility including plates, utensils, and fortune cookies. So, Panda Express will do all the work for you and you just need to order the food and grab your chopstick.

Panda Express Free Shipping

Panda Express gives a free shipping facility in selective regions while on Panda Express swag shop, you do have to pay for the shipment. Moreover, Express shipping cost you a greater charge than the previous ones.

Moneysaving Tips on Panda Express

If you want to save your money, always look forward to finding current promo codes and gift cards available on Panda Express. Also, review the menu tab to see on-sale items to get discounts. By downloading the Panda Express app, you can save your order for future purchases and get rewards.

Gift Cards and Rewards Campaign

There are gift cards and reward points for the customers of Panda Express. The gift cards can also be bought through their website. You can refer them to your friends and family and by using that they can get a discount on their orders. You can also use them for yourself. Moreover, Panda Express runs reward programs that give you the chance of getting delicious foods at a discounted price. Whenever you order food on Panda Express, you get some reward points. By using those points, you can buy gift cards and coupon codes for the next order. You can also get 28% cashback by participating in their nationwide fundraiser campaign. Panda Express offers up to a 50% discount on ordering the first time by using their mobile app.

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  • Hotline: (800) 877-8988
  • Address: Rosemead, California, United States

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  • Hotline: (800) 877-8988
  • Address: Rosemead, California, United States

Panda Express Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find active discount codes for Panda Express?

Panda Express community always keeps their sitewide discount codes updated. You can easily find the discount codes on the Panda Express website and also by giving them permission of sending an email to you and keep you updated with their latest discount and promo codes.

How often Panda Express releases their discount codes?

Panda Express releases their coupon codes occasionally. But, sometimes you can get multiple coupon codes in only one month. Moreover, new coupon codes and gift cards are added to the site throughout the year.

Does Panda Express charge additional fees to purchase a gift card?

No, there are no additional fees associated with the gift cards. You will be charged only the face value of the gift card and the shipment cost. However, digital gift cards are sent via email and no shipping charge is needed.

When a recipient can receive their gift cards?

There are two types of gift cards, one is a digital gift card and another is a plastic gift card. Digital ones are delivered through email while the plastic gift cards are sent via shipment method. Digital gift cards are sent on your selected date of delivery. There rarely happens any delay in this case. But in the case of plastic gift cards, you will get the cards within 1-2 business days once your gift card is shipped. You will be notified by email with a tracking number. By using the tracking number, you can find the current status of your card.

Is my order on Panda Express secure?

Yes, your all kind of information is secure because Panda Express uses the SSL protocol to keep the customer’s information secured. Moreover, the purchase of gift cards is also protected by PCI compliance. So, you don’t have to worry about your given information at all.

How can I get support from Panda Express?

If you are facing any difficulty on ordering or in any kind of technical issues, you can dial at 1-800-877-8988 or send an email to the Panda Express customer support team. They are always available to help you out.

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