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Origin Promo Codes June 2024

Origin, owned by Electronic Arts (EA) started its journey in 2011, as an online platform for video games. The Origin has become one of the best stores among gamers for purchasing video games and streaming games online. There is no need for purchasing gaming consoles or gaming disks. The Origin store has become widely used for its user management, collection of offline and online games, easy purchase system, multiplayer connection capability, vast game library, etc. The store has become so widely popular that it had to expand its services to popular platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Facebook, and Windows.

Connect with your friends to play!

Bored playing offline games with the system? Tired of having no competition in offline games? Want to experience gaming with real players on a single platform? Want to spice things up with competition among players available online? The Origin store is here to fulfill your wishes. Connect with players all over the world online using your Origin account and play with the online players to get the best thrill of playing online. Connect with your friends and join in a single game together to see who among you is the best at the game. Get your friends to use our Origin discount code and get exclusive discounts in purchasing the games so that they will be able to buy more games at a cheap rate. Storm through the world of multiplayer in Origin along with your friends to get the best gaming experience!

Change your tactics on online games!

The offline games normally have a pattern of approaching, if you get a gist of the pattern, you will be able to beat the game depending on the system difficulty. Even if you start the game in hard mode, you will be able to beat it after getting a hold of the pattern as there is a limited amount of pattern, the system can hold. After that, you would get bored playing against the same pattern. But with the Origin online features, the players available online each has their tactics and playing system. The players are always improving and changing the tactics based on their opponents. In the Origin platform, you will be able to play with other players analyzing their tactics during the game and adapting against it to win the game. This creates a hidden excitement among the players as you are not sure what to expect from your opponent. If the opponent is better than you, then you will adjust based on the difficulty and improve yourself to be a better player. This is the reason the Origin games are highly sought among players for their diversity of playing among players. You will not get bored playing the same game because each time a different player is matched up and the playing style of each of your opponents will be different, creating an enthusiasm among the players to push for more in improving themselves in the game. Use our Origin coupon code and access all the popular games available at a discounted price.

Get your regular discount from Origin!

The Origin store provides regular discounts and promotional offers for purchasing their games. To see their regular deals, go to the store website and check on the Deals webpage to see the current trending sales. The games are categorized on price. If you have a fixed price for purchasing a game, select the price category based on your budget. Look for the discount offers located at the bottom of the game icon. If there are discounts available for the game, the section will show “Save 40%” or similar texts. Get your preferred game at discount by looking at the section to keep updated with the recent offers so that you can buy your game when it is available at discount. Browse all the games available on the deals section pricing below $10 and the list of games pricing between $10 and $20. Use our Origin games coupon to get up to a 40% discount on particular games to reduce your cost.

Save more by subscribing!

Get registered on the Origin Access subscription system to receive the notification for the new games immediately after release or get the old popular games. The subscription is either monthly basis or a yearly basis. Choose the time of subscription you want and you will receive the pre-playing advantage of new games before release. The advantage is free of charge so that you will be able to play so that you can be sure of buying the entire game based on the gameplay. Save more money by being an exclusive member: Basic or Premier in Origin Access and get exclusive discount offers for new games and pre-order the game so that you can access the game immediately after release. Use our Origin discount code for membership to receive discounts for paying for membership on Origin Access.

Origin refund principles

You can refund your game if the game has technical difficulties. You must return the game within 30 days of your purchase and within 72 hours after opening the game. If you do not prefer to play the game, you can refund it. Return the game within 14 days after buying and 24 hours after opening. If you maintain the criteria given by the store, you will receive a full refund for the game you returned. The refunded amount will be added to your account wallet and you will be able to buy a new game using your account credits. Buy a new game and use the Origin discount coupon to get an exclusive price discount on your new purchase!

Origin gamer support

As the Origin server has over 70 million registered users, the store ensures reliable and informative customer support operatives to solve the problems and queries of the users. As a customer or user, you can contact the support staff from 8 am to 11 pm from Monday to Saturday. You can also submit an online form for contact and an operative will immediately be assigned to you for solving your questions and problems.

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  • Hotline: (1) 877-971-7669
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Origin Frequently Asked Questions

How to access promo coupons for discounts at Origin?

After selecting the games for purchase, proceed to checkout for payment summary and total cost. Scroll down to the Apply Code section and apply the coupon codes available to you. The system will add the discounted amounted to the product.

Can I use multiple coupons at Origin?

Multiple coupons for discounts can be used if they are for different products in a single transaction. If there are one or more coupons for a single product, only one coupon will be registered to your checkout for a discount.  You can add multiple coupons for different products and the system will add the discounts separately on each product. Similarly, if you get multiple discount coupons for a single transaction, you will only be able to use one coupon for each transaction.

Does the Origin store provide discounts for students or military personnel?

No, the store does not provide any student or senior discounts. Look for the updated Origin discount coupons available to use for your orders to get discounts at Origin.

How can I find the best coupons at Origin?

Various browser extensions detect the best coupons available for purchasing games from the Origin store. The Honey browser extension is one of them. Add the Honey browser extension to your browser before purchasing for the Origin store. Proceed to checkout after selecting the items you want from the Origin store and the extension will automatically find the best coupons available for you. Apply the coupons and get the best price discount on your purchase. This way you will be able to save almost $13 on average on every purchase at Origin.

Is the Sims 4 game accessible without Origin?

You must install the Origin app on your system to log in to your Origin account and purchase the game. After purchasing, there is no need for 2nd time buying as the purchased games are available forever if you are using the same Origin account and do not refund your game.

How to refund games after purchasing in Origin?

Log in to your Origin account and go to the purchase history to see the list of your orders. Click on the game and select the refund request option. You will need to fill out a form explaining the details of your refund. If your request submission is in time and you pass all the criteria and deadlines provided by the store, the store will refund your money within 10 days.

Does the Origin store provide discounts on annual sales?

The Origin store offers more discount offers than usual during the annual events: Cyber week, Christmas, and Black Friday. Order online during the events and receive up to 40% discounts on almost every game.

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