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NewGel+ Coupons June 2024

NewGel+ is a scar management solution from Newmedical Technology, Inc. It is a global medical device company that produces therapeutic solutions and makes numerous medical devices. They are well known for creating solutions for skincare, scar management, surgical solutions, and many more. It was founded in 2003 in Northbrook, Illinois.

NewGel+ is committed to improving and innovating existing and new products and spends both a good time and money on research and development. They produce scar products and offer other solutions like surgery, trauma, burns, etc. Yet, they have sound knowledge about scar solutions, for which people tend to choose their scar management solutions to remove any scar. Many renowned dermatologists and other surgery experts suggest NewGel+ to their patients to recover any scar mark. We can provide you NewGel+ coupon code to get up to a 25% discount on your purchase.

NewGel+ as a scar management solution

NewGel+ is a leading scar management solution that is available in the market currently. An experienced group of doctors developed it after researching a lot. It fades, reduces, flattens, and smoothes both new and old scar marks. It gets used for surgical, cosmetic procedures, keloid, C-section, hypertrophic, burns scars, etc. You can entirely rely on this product to remove any fault. You will buy a product from them at a discounted price by using our NewGel discount code.

NewGel+ for bruise and swelling

NewGel+ is proven and effective for any bruise and swelling-related problem. You can use it to reduce the pain caused by any of these two problems. It will help to alleviate pain and inflammation. It also helps to solve skin discoloration problems related to bruises and tissue injuries caused by swelling. You can use both NewGel+ topical gel or consumable tablets to reduce these scars problems. If you want to save some money, you can use our NewGel coupon code for a discounted price.

NewGel+ as scar removing solution is clinically approved

NewGel+ is a clinically approved scar treatment product that was created with the advice of renowned and experienced physicians. This is a silicone gel-based solution that many doctors recommend as the #1 scar management solution. This is proved by many patients and experimented with by many physicians and also got featured in numerous medical journals as a number one solution for the prevention and the management of scars.

Results after using NewGel+ silicone gel

If you have any scar marks on any part of your body, then you can undoubtedly use NewGel+ silicone gel. Numerous physicians recommend it to countless patients as a scar management remedy. You can visit and read many successful stories of scar management from NewGel+’s website. You will be amazed by seeing how fast and how effectively this NewGel+ solution worked for those patients. So, after seeing those results, if you are planning to buy an answer from them, we can help you get some discounts. You can use our NewGel+ coupon code to save some money.

NewGel+ silicone shape products

There are many types of NewGel+ silicone-shaped products are available on their website. You will be able to buy their solutions in many styles like,

● Gel: two types of gel are available, NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel and NewGel+UV Silicone Gel for scars + SPF 30. This gel can be used for spots on visible areas. It is not sticky and odorless. They are super effective after laser treatment.

● Silicone Strips: you can use NewGel+ silicone strips on straight-line scars. It is one of the most popular and used products for surgical scars. These get used for tummy tuck, knee replacement surgery, shoulder surgery, and many more. These strips can be cut into any size you need.

● Custom Design Silicone Shape: these are specially designed for circular, vertical, or curved shape scars. You can use custom-made strips for Mohs surgery scars, acne, and other related scars. You can also use these strips on different types of scars generated from additional cosmetic breast surgeries.

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Delivery / Return Policy

You may return any products within 30 days of receipt in the original condition for a refund or exchange. If you want to see more details, check out to learn about the return policy

Free shipping was applied for items of $75 or more. Click here to find out more


  • Hotline: 1-847-412-1000
  • Address: Northbrook, Illinois

Delivery / Return Policy

You may return any products within 30 days of receipt in the original condition for a refund or exchange. If you want to see more details, check out to learn about the return policy

Free shipping was applied for items of $75 or more. Click here to find out more


  • Hotline: 1-847-412-1000
  • Address: Northbrook, Illinois

New Gel Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find NewGel+ coupon codes?

NewGel+ is a well-known product for scar management. They occasionally offer discounts and NewGel plus discount codes for their customers. You will find some of them on their websites or some during checkout. However, you can discover NewGel discount codes on other eCommerce sites as well. You can check out our site for the latest NewGel coupon codes.

Is NewGel+ safe for the body?

Yes, NewGel+ is recommended as the #1 scar management solution by numerous experienced and expert physicians. You can use any of NewGel+ products without any hesitation for the best result. It is safe to use by children and adults, plus it is suitable for all types of skins. You will be able to see the visible result within the fastest time. Get a NewGel coupon from us to get a flat discount on NewGel+ products.

Are there specific NewGel+ products for different scar locations?

Yes, there are. NewGel+ produces silicone strips for specific areas. You can get NewGel+ products for the face, breasts, tummy, back, keloids, arms, and legs. They can also manage for C-section, different types of burn on other body parts, minor and major cuts, scrapes, and stitches. You can use NewGel+ products on the features as mentioned earlier and reasons for fast and effective results. Get a NewGel+ discount code from us to save your money.

How can I get free shipping promotion for NewGel+ products?

You can avail free shipping NewGel coupon for any purchases above $75 from the NewGel+ website. NewGel+ is also available in other popular eCommerce sites such as Walmart and Amazon as well. You can find free shipping NewGel+ promo codes for these sites as well.

Can I find NewGel+ products in local pharmacies?

Yes, you can. You can check out the NewGel+ website to check out the select pharmacies that sell NewGel+ products. However, note that the NewGel coupon code can only be redeemed through an online purchase. If you can’t find NewGel+ in nearby pharmacies, it is recommended to purchase online and enjoy a discount using New Gel plus coupon code.

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