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Netflix Discount Codes June 2024

Founded in 1997, Netflix started its online streaming service for the people and it has now become the best online streaming platform for popular movies and series.  Before the introduction of their online streaming service, the company used to sell DVD and Blu-ray movies. The company started its online streaming services in 2007. The company expanded its business globally due to its popularity on streaming and from 2013, the company has now started its own production house. The company has been gaining popularity since then for providing entertaining movies and tv-series at high resolution for its viewers.

Free trial for first-time users

Explore the world of online movies and tv-series by accessing thousands of movies and series available on Netflix. You can start your Netflix experience by accessing Netflix for free. Netflix provides 30-day free access for first-time users to gain experience and make the users understand why Netflix is the best streaming service. Select the show that you want to see and start streaming now to get the best streaming experience!

Get your preferred subscription

After using your free trial, you won’t be able to access the shows provided by Netflix. To gain access, you will need to be subscribed as a member to access the privileges. Netflix provides a wide range of categories for subscribing. As a user, you can access the three types of subscriptions. The Basic plan is $9 per month, for which you can watch the shows only on a single screen. The quality of the videos is also limited on this plan as you can access only the standard definition (SD) quality of the videos. Higher resolution videos are not accessible if you buy this plan. The second better subscription plan is the Standard plan which is $14 per month. If you buy this plan, you will be able to access your Netflix channel from two devices at the same time. Remember that, after you register your device with your Netflix plans, it won’t be accessible if you try to log in to your Netflix account from another device other than the registered ones. You can access high-definition (HD) videos by using this plan. The last and the best plan is the Premium subscription. The cost for this plan is $18 per month and the number of screens that can be used using this plan is four. You will also get the privilege of watching at 4k video quality. The delivery plan of Netflix is very quick so customers get their subscribed plan as soon as they start their billing cycle after paying. Get the package you want by using our Netflix promo code and get discounts for paying the subscription!

Get the best Blu-Ray experience!

Aside from the three plans for video streaming, there are two plans for both DVD and Blu-Ray if you want to prefer watching the movies and Tv shows on disks. The only disadvantage is that there is a time limit to watch the show and return the disk to Netflix. After you return the disk, Netflix will send you a new one. Get the DVD and Blu-ray subscription to get the best video experience. The advantage of the DVD and Blu-ray plan is that Netflix provides the shipping of the disks free of cost. There is no additional shipping fee included after buying the DVD plans. Access the free shipping bonus by getting the DVD plan and use our Netflix coupon code and receive a 40% discount on your Blu-ray plans to enjoy the best high-definition movies or series.

Set up your movie list!

If you buy the DVD and Blu-ray subscription, you will need to set up the list of movies so that Netflix can send the disks based on the sequence. Online streaming doesn’t need this type of listing as you can watch any series or movies by streaming. For disks, you will have to wait for the disks to arrive at your location for you to see. So, prepare a list of your series and shows and submit it to Netflix for arranging your disks in a queue. After you return a disk, Netflix will start preparing to send you the next disk in sequence.

Gift Netflix subscription for your close people

Gift a Netflix subscription card to your friends or relatives. Pay for the gift card and Netflix will send the gift card by mail. Get the best discount deal while paying for the gift card using our Netflix gift code and enjoy up to 30% discount on your gift card purchase.

Netflix customer service

Use your Netflix customer helpline to get information about the subscription plans and video resolutions. The details for general questions are already provided on the website of Netflix but if you want to know additional information like the list of upcoming movies or shows and their release dates, you can contact the staff operatives from your Netflix account. The customer service is available all the time via phone or chat. You can call from your phone using your account or start a conversation through the chat option. The operators will help you with all your queries regarding their service.

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Netflix Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a gift card subscription on Netflix?

You can buy the gift card from the store or by purchasing online. For online purchases, go to the Gift Card section of the Netflix website and purchase from there. Send the gift card to the user. After creating their account, the user will be able to redeem your card and select a plan based on the amount on the gift card. Remember that, the user must be logged in to his account to redeem the gift card.

How can I send Netflix gift cards?

You can send it via post or by handing them in person if you are buying the card physically from any store that sells Netflix gift cards. If you are purchasing the card online, then you can send it by mail. Depending on the current circumstances, the most efficient and safe way is to send it by mail.

Does Netflix refund faulty DVDs?

If you get a new disk from your subscription plan and the disk does not work then send the disk back to Netflix. You won’t be charged with the return cost as Netflix will bear it. Netflix will provide you with a new disk as soon as possible.

How can I get discounts on Netflix?

Search for the best coupons available here and apply them to your favorite or preferred subscription. The coupons are updated regularly because of the limited expiry so keep an eye out on the webpage for regular updates. When you see the best deal available, use the coupon code and buy the subscription at the cheapest price using the discount offer.

How can I access my free trial on Netflix?

Go to the Netflix website and go to the Free Trial option to get it for 30 days. You must be logged in to your Netflix account to enjoy the free subscription. If you don’t have an account, then first register using your mail and get the free trial. Remember that, you will need to provide your credit or debit card details to access the free trial. In this way, Netflix will be able to detect if you want to access free trial multiple times using a different account. If you don’t cancel the free subscription before it ends, Netflix will charge you after your free subscription ends. So, cancel your free subscription before it expires if you don’t want to continue the Netflix service. Use our Netflix discount offers to get discounts on your first subscription.

How can I cancel my Netflix subscription plan?

Log in to your account and go to the Accounts section and select the Cancel Membership option to cancel your membership. Remember that, you must cancel your membership before the end of your billing cycle or you will be charged for the next month automatically. See more details on the Netflix website to know more about canceling your subscription.

Do I have to pay twice if I want to get both the streaming plan and DVD plan on Netflix?

Yes, you will be charged for both plans as they are two separate methods of subscription. The streaming plan is an online video streaming and you will need only a good internet plan and high-resolution video streaming devices to enjoy the videos without buffering. The DVD plan is for people who prefer watching videos offline. The disks will be sent to you physically by shipping and you will have to return the disks after watching. You will also need a Blu-ray player to enjoy the DVD plan. Use our Netflix stream coupons and Blur-ray coupons to get exclusive discounts on purchasing subscription plans.

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