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Kohl's Coupons May 2022

Kohl’s, a departmental store company in the US, was founded by Polish migrant Maxwell Kohl in 1927. It was opened as a simple grocery store. Afterward in 1962, Kohl developed it into a departmental store. Since then, Kohl’s became the largest departmental store with 1158 stores all over the US. Kohl aimed for this departmental store to be a midway priced store between high-end and discount stores so that the store attracts people of all social classes. And without question, this goal is achieved as many celebrities sell their designed clothing on this store at a cheap price!

Kohl’s Exclusive Clearance Sale

Kohl’s as a departmental store, is a retailer of a wide range of products. You will find every apparel for all genders and for all ages. You can also buy every home and office furniture, electronic appliances, and many other household items. Kohl’s are also famous for their beauty and jewelry products. And all these products can be purchased at a massive profit on their exclusive clearance sale! The products on clearance sale are always up for grabs 24/7. Clearance sales include clothing products for all genders as well as jewelry and beauty products at a discounted price. Home appliances are also available in the clearance sales. Nearly all the products in the clearance sales have a discount of more than 50%! Some high-end jewelry even offers a discount of over $4000! And these purchases on the product of clearance sales can be further benefited by using kohl’s coupons for friends and family which has a 15% off on every purchase!

Kohl’s Special Discounts

Kohl’s is mainly a family departmental store. Thus, their famous Kohl’s family coupon with 15% off can be applied to almost all products. They also offer military discounts and senior discounts of the same percentage. The military discount is available on Monday and the senior discount is on Wednesday. So, if you are unable to use the Kohl’s family promo code, you can use these if you are eligible. You can also use Kohl's promo codes from our website to enjoy discounts on just about all products.

Kohl’s Store Credit Card

Kohl’s customers can apply for a unique Kohl’s credit card that has no annual fee! Customers on their first purchase can enjoy a 35% discount if they use Kohl’s card as a payment method. There are also extra sales offers all year round. A total of 12 annual discounts are also available for Kohl’s cardholders. You can also enjoy extra benefits in returning items to Kohl’s. You can return without any receipt as a cardholder. Also, if you spend more than $600 in a year then you can upgrade your status to MVC (Most Valued Customer) This status provides even more discounts and offers!

Kohl’s Mobile App

Use our Kohl’s coupons in their mobile app, available on both Apple Store and Google Play store, and enjoy great discounts and shopping deals online. According to Kohl’s, their app is way beneficial than ordering on their website or buy products in-store. You can view all the offers and Kohl’s coupons on a single page using the app. Also, enjoy their hassle-free online checkout on the app with an easy method to enter your Kohl’s promo codes. Moreover, you will be notified about their new sales and offer expiration dates. Thus, you will never pass up on an exclusive deal or rewards offered by Kohl’s.

Subscriber’s Discount

If you want to get notified about all Kohl’s discount codes and sales events then you can sign up for their Email Newsletter. And for signing up you will be able to enjoy a 15% discount on eligible purchases! Use this subscription to get news about free delivery offers, annual sales events, massive discount coupons, etc.

Rewards Program

Kohl’s Rewards is an exclusive rewards program that is assembled for the well-being of their frequent customers. If you are enrolled in this Kohl’s rewards program you can enjoy 5% rewards points on every order. These reward points are called Kohl’s cash and as they accumulate on your balance, you can use them on your next purchase. The validation for Kohl’s cash is one month. Besides Kohl’s cash, you will also receive special birthday gifts with massive discounts on their products! You just have to enroll from their website and make swift and effortless purchases!

Super Fast Delivery

A pleasant and convenient feature of Kohl’s is their swift and free store pickup. You can enjoy same-day delivery and in some cases, you can go to your nearest Kohl’s store and pick up your order in 1 hour after ordering online! But a product has to be available in a specific store before using this feature. For every product page, you will have the option to check the availability of every Kohl’s store located in the US. Also, if the product isn’t picked up within 7 days after ordering, the purchase will automatically be refunded. Use our Kohl's printable coupons in-store to get a discount on store products.

Gift Cards

Kohl’s gift cards are available in various categories and they already come with a free shipping offer. Birthday gift card, flower gift card, congratulations gift card, you name it! Everything is readily available in their online store. Every gift card ranges from $10 to $300. For each order, you can use up to four gift cards. And you have to use these gift cards at the full order price. Then you can use your credit card as a payment option if the gift card’s balance doesn’t cover the price fully. Use our Kohl’s coupons to purchase these gift cards at a profit.

Reliable Customer Service

Kohl’s customer service is outstanding and built to please their customers. For any kind of inconvenience related to kohl’s products, shoppers can call 1-855-564-5751 to know any related information. This helpline is available from Monday to Saturday between 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. And from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. On the customer's support page on Kohl’s website, customers can also type any questions they have in mind and will find the proper answer. There is also a live chat option on the same page. Click the Ask us button and chat with a Kohl’s customer service agent straight away!

Return Policy

Kohl’s items are applicable for returns within 180 days after the order date. Though some brands have exclusions and must be remitted within 30 days of purchasing. Gift cards are not applicable for refunds. In-store purchased items can be returned in any kohl’s store throughout the US. Returning in-store is the swiftest way to get refunded on the purchased item. For mail returns, you will have to print the “Order Packing Slip” unique to every order. Then you have to ship the product at your own cost. The refunding process may take around 30 days. For exchanging items, only in-store exchange is available.

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  • Hotline: 855-564-5705
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  • Address: N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive Menomonee Falls WI 53051

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  • Hotline: 855-564-5705
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive Menomonee Falls WI 53051

Kohl's Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kohl’s Offer Discounts For Students?

Sadly, Kohl’s doesn’t offer any student discounts. Although, you can enjoy discounts for being a military personal and a senior citizen. You can also use Kohl’s family coupon that is available for general people and enjoy a 15% price reduction on most purchases. To get a greater discount, select our Kohl’s promo code 30% off certain products and redeem during checkout.

How Can I Get Free Shipping On Kohl’s Order?

You will get free shipping benefits in a number of ways on Kohl’s online store! The most common way to enjoy free shipping is to purchase more than $75 on a single order. For such a case, you will get free shipping benefits for standard shipping. Bear in mind that standard shipping means 3 to 6 days of delivery time. For same-day delivery and two-day delivery, you still have to pay shipping costs even if you purchase more than $75 worth of products.

Thus, the better way is to apply for Kohl’s card and then upgrade your status to MVC. Then you will be able to enjoy free shipping charge on most of the purchases. You will also get special invites to free shipping sales.

You can also opt for store pickup and you won’t have to pay any shipping costs. Lastly, we will recommend you to use our Kohl’s coupons for free shipping during your purchase online and they will ship the products to you free of charge!

What Annual Sales Does Kohl’s Offer?

Kohl’s offers a multitude of sales on different holidays throughout the year. You can enjoy clearance sales on many different occasions. By using the Kohl’s mobile app, you will be notified about these sales. We also offer many different annual sales coupons on our website such as Kohl’s coupons for Black Friday, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. You can use these discount coupons and enjoy a profit on your purchased products from Kohl’s.

How Can I Enjoy A 15% Discount On Kohl’s Products?

To get 15% off kohl’s products, you can sign up for kohl’s Email Newsletter program and enjoy discounts on eligible purchases. By signing up, you will also receive emails for special sales events that also offer discounts on certain products. If you don’t want to sign up for this newsletter program, you can use our Kohl’s coupons for 15% off purchases to enjoy this price deduction.

You can also enjoy a 30% discount on kohl’s products if you are a Kohl’s cardholder. And you can enjoy this discount up to 12 times a year! Thus, when general customers get a 15% discount, you will enjoy twice the discount just for being a cardholder!

Can I Use Multiple Kohl’s Promo Codes On One Order?

Certainly! You can use coupons of different types on a single order and they will stack upon one another. But the discount from the Kohl’s coupons will be applied to a specific order. On our webpage for Kohl’s coupons, you will see that there are department-specific coupons that are only applicable for certain products. These discounts will be counted first for your order. Then the discounts for Kohl’s credit card and rewards program will be counted. And lastly, the sitewide discount will be deducted. Thus, you can use up to four different kohl’s coupons on your order and enjoy a massive discount!

How Do I Use My Kohl’s Discount Code?

After choosing the required departmental kohl’s promo code and sitewide coupon code, you have to copy them separately. And then on the kohl’s online store, you will see an option for 'Kohl’s Cash and Promos' in the shopping cart for your order. There you can apply your coupon code and the applied discount coupon will be highlighted on the right panel. After that, you will be able to enjoy the specified discount!

Can I Use My Expired Kohl’s Coupon?

If you are shopping for kohl’s products on their website or the mobile app then you won’t be able to use your expired Kohl’s coupon. But you can use this expired coupon for in-store purchases if the expiration date is within 10 days of purchase. So, locate your nearest Kohl’s store at once and use your expired coupons there for eligible products. 

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