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Hooray Heroes Promo Codes June 2024

Hooray Heroes is well known as a children's book store that markets products at hoorayheroes.com. It is a major children's book store that also competes with other top children's book stores like; Scholastic, Kidsbook.com, etc. However, Hooray Heroes follows a unique idea to represent the books to its readers as it personalizes the real-life experience. They emphasize people's real-life stories and give it the art of story and represent to the children. They customize their books with the story of the reader's families or friends.

Range of Products

Hooray Heroes offers a wide range of collections of books only for children. Though there are different categories of these books like; Books for families, Books for siblings, Books for kids, and so on. They also offer gift boxes that can be easily found on their website. Check them out if you are looking forward to giving a gift or buying it for your kids.

Personalized Books

Hooray Heroes represents their personalized books as a resemblance to your creation. You can choose each and everything of the story while Hooray Heroes is the one who will give it a color and make the book delivered to you. You can choose the character in the story, you can choose the hero who is not from an imaginary world rather than from your real life. The main purpose of this idea is to give your little one a hint that his father, mother, or sibling can be the hero also. More interestingly, Hooray Heroes gives you the freedom to choose the name and the design of the overall appearance of the character. So, they have taken this idea to a whole new level and try their best to ensure that your kid may get amused by reading it.

Hooray Heroes Special Features

Hooray Heroes offers a range of freebies for children. They offer coloring books and calendars, cards and Printables, and gift boxes. All of them can be received by personalizing the chosen items. You should click on the tab to get your free book by choosing an appropriate name.

Hooray Heroes Rewards & Offers

Hooray Heroes provide many reward opportunities and often offers exclusive promo codes to its customers so that you can find the books at a cheaper rate. They often offer certain discounts on selected categories. You can get a 7% discount on referring Hooray Heroes to your friends or family members. Moreover, to whom you have referred, if they use the code, they can get a 7% discount also on their next order from Hooray Heroes. They offer you amazing gift boxes that you can buy on hoorayheroes.com and send as a gift to whoever you want.

Shipping And Return Policy

There are several shipping methods available on Hooray Heroes. You can choose standard type shipping or FedEx Air method for swift shipping. Also, there are two other methods named Deluxe and UPS method which are quite flexible like the previously mentioned methods. Shipping rates starts generally from $3.99 and may reach $29.99 for FedEx Deluxe shipping. The shipping takes 5-21 business days depending on your selected method. Hooray Heroes also provides return facilities to its customers. Returns can be made within 14 days from the date of purchase. You can get a full refund if the delivered book is damaged. In case of other inconvenience, you cannot get your money back after purchase.

Hooray Heroes Customer Support

If you have any issue or difficulty with the product, you can contact the customer support team of Hooray Heroes within 24 hours of placing an order. You can either email them at [email protected] or by calling 1-205-859-3826. They are always there to help you out.

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Delivery / Return Policy

Customers have the right to cancel or return the purchase, but within 14 days after the date of receiving the product. Click here to find out the shipping payment and return policy.


  • Hotline: 1 (205) 859-3826
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 8 The Green Suite # 12320 Dover, DE 19901 USA

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Delivery / Return Policy

Customers have the right to cancel or return the purchase, but within 14 days after the date of receiving the product. Click here to find out the shipping payment and return policy.


  • Hotline: 1 (205) 859-3826
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 8 The Green Suite # 12320 Dover, DE 19901 USA

Hooray Heroes Frequently Asked Questions

What if I find difficulty in using my promo codes?

Some promo codes often have some special requirements. So, if you find any difficulty in using the promo code, check the restrictions nest to the promo codes. You can try several coupon codes to check which one is valid and suitable for you on Hooray Heroes.

How often does Hooray Heroes offer online coupon codes?

Hooray Heroes offers online coupon codes less frequently than the other online stores. You can find the coupon codes on the homepage or in the categories on their website while ordering.

How long the quality control takes place?

It takes around 5 days for mega fast Deluxe delivery. Moreover, for the super-fast delivery option, it takes 7 business days and for fast delivery, it takes around 9 working days for quality control.

Does Hooray Heroes charge extra on personalized characters or names?

Of course not! They give you all kinds of freedom to choose the character name of any length and to customize the character. They are concerned about your relationship with your child. They consider it unfair for you if you have to pay extra for the name of your child being large or even more. It really doesn't matter to them if your son or daughter has a large name.

Which payment methods are acceptable to Hooray Heroes?

You will find the payment methods quite flexible. Hooray Heroes accepts all kinds of Master Cards or Visa Cards. Even you can pay from your PayPal account also. In this regard, you need to register the account on their website.

Can I add my personal dedication?

Yes, you can add a personal dedication to any book free of extra charges. You can freely use your imagination and creative thinking of something completely unique. Hooray Heroes also offers some suggestions for you, if you want you can use them too. As personal dedication varies a lot, there is a counter above each text box. Always keep an eye on the counter to track the characters you have left.

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