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GetUpside Promo Codes May 2022

When it comes to shopping, we all like a deal. But who has the time or knowledge to track down all those promotions and coupons that can come with these deals? The GetUpside app is dedicated to finding the best deals for shoppers like you.

GetUpside offers cashback on the purchase of various products. You can do this by shopping for groceries with the app, paying for gas at the pump, or dining out at restaurants. Earnings are credited to your account after a certain time (one or two days) and can be redeemed via various methods.

Just download the mobile app and link your card to it. You can either upload the receipts or use the app's 'Check In' option to claim your rewards.

How Does GetUpside Cashback System Work?

GetUpside is a cashback site that provides a cashback system to shoppers. They will provide a user with a percentage of the total purchase price, and handle any returns or refunds if need be.

How does this work? You simply shop at an eligible retailer or shop with your registered card. As long as you meet the requirements for the specific store, you will get a percentage of your purchases deposited in your account. You may have to take a picture of your receipt from the app to get the reward! Sometimes, you just need to use the app's 'check in' option. You'll also get information about your purchase in one spot to help track your savings.

Can I Get a GetUpside Promo Code?

There is usually no GetUpside coupon because the company is already offering cashback on your purchases. Also, there is no cap to the maximum earnings. The offers are also valid for purchases made with discounts and coupons.

However, you can still receive a promo code from the affiliates. If you sign up for the app by using their referral code, you will receive a bonus.

What Are the Ways to Cash-out the Cashback Money?

GetUpside offers a wide variety of cash-out methods for users to choose from. There are options of withdrawing via bank transfer, PayPal, or with an electronic gift card. The cash-out options allow you to withdraw funds with ease by selecting the option that best suits your needs; whether it is for an emergency or not.

There is no minimum withdrawal limit. But a $1 fee will be deducted when the amount is less than $15.

Does GetUpside Offer Customer Support?

Yes. GetUpside offers a variety of customer support options for their customers. The company offers email and in-app support. In addition, you will get a response if you approach them through their social media profiles. It's a great thing that queries get resolved very fast. You can expect a solution within a few hours to 24 hours at most.

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  • Hotline: (800) 741-6726
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 1701 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036
Expires: Jun 11, 2022
Expires: Feb 29, 2024
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  • Hotline: (800) 741-6726
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 1701 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036

GetUpside Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Current GetUpside Promo Code List for Existing Users 2021?

There is no particular GetUpside coupon discount code because it's a cashback program. You will earn a small percentage of your spending back by shopping from selected shops and outlets.

There are over 25,000 gas stations listed in the app and if you choose any of them for your next fill-up, you will earn up to 25¢ for each gallon of fuel. Shopping from the listed grocery outlets will make you eligible for receiving up to 30% cashback. Currently, the app covers only a few USA cities but the number is rapidly growing.

If you want to earn cashback on your spending on restaurant food, choose from the app's list of over 1,500 restaurants. It's possible to earn up to 45% cashback on your spent amount. 

Is There a GetUpside Promo Code New Customer?

GetUpside does not offer any exclusive coupons for new customers. But you can still earn an extra bonus through the referral program. Sign up by using someone else's referral code and you will receive extra 20¢ per gallon on top of the 25¢ per gallon. Similarly, if you refer someone, you will get bonus purchases on their qualifying purchases.

Why Is My GetUpside Promo Code Not Working?

Promo codes for GetUpside are designed to provide an exclusive discount. You can get store credits or a percentage of your purchase. However, they may not work properly. There are several reasons why this is happening, most commonly that the promo code has expired or you didn't use it correctly. You should always be strategic when using these coupons as they expire after a certain period of time. If not used, you lose it.

Is There Any GetUpside Promo Code 25 of 50 Off?

No. Promo codes offering such a high percentage of discounts are barely available. It's true that the cashback amount that GetUpside users earn is almost double or triple that of what many other apps offer. However, you should still be realistic about the amount that you can earn.

For example, if you have to fill up your car's 20-gallon tank once per week, you will earn $5 in cashback (for 25¢ per gallon). It means that you can save $20 a month and $240 a year. Add to that the cashback from your grocery shopping and restaurant orders. So, it all depends on how much you spend on these necessary items. 

How to Get a GetUpside App Promo Code?

GetUpside is a mobile app that offers cashback incentives for shopping. Users are rewarded with a higher percentage of cashback on purchases, making their shopping experience more profitable. Promo codes are available to users throughout the year for specific brands, enabling them to get discounts when they shop in stores. Users get curated in-app promotional offers for the participating retailers nearby their locations. Any offers and deals will be shown right inside your app.

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