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Cirkul Coupons August 2022

CIRKUL is an online business selling flavored drinking water in the United States. Intending to make drinking water delicious and fun, CIRKUL has created an innovative flavor cartridge that can be adjusted according to the user’s choice. The cartridge has a filter called 'sip' that can be twisted to regulate choose the amount of flavor in the water or no flavor at all. They can also be easily replaced to get the taste of a new flavor. There are various flavors to choose from. CIRKUL assures there is no sugar and no calories to the sip. They also reassure the added flavor is all-natural with no artificial coloring.

Enhance your water with CIRKUL

We know we should drink more water. But sometimes it can become tough. CIRKUL is there for you! Just fill your bottle with water and then insert the flavor cartridge. Rotate the flavor dial up or down to find the perfect level of flavor that suits you. Lift the cap and voila! You now have your very own flavored bottle of water that you can drink any time and stay hydrated. CIRKUL sips enhance your water with natural flavors, rich vitamins, replenishing electrolytes, or healthy energy. Swap out cartridges to give your tastebuds something new to celebrate. With six categories to pick from, you can't go wrong. Choose a LifeSip to simply enjoy a refreshing beverage. A FitSip to replenish yourself during and after a workout. Or, a GoSip for a quick, pick-me-up. The other 3 are the PureSips, TeaSips, BrewSips. There are more than 40 flavors available for you to never get bored with the same taste. You can also choose the bottles according to your liking. Stainless steel and plastic bottles are available, also some bottles for the kids.

Grab the best deal from CIRKUL

Whether you are drinking less water and suffering from dehydration or you just want to try out the new way of drinking water, you might just be looking for a discount after looking intoCIRKUL. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are some tips and tricks to save money when you are buying from CIRKUL. You can know all the information about new products and promotions by joining the newsletter or email subscription of CIRKUL. Subscribe and keep on the lookout for coupon codes or discounts that are mailed to your inbox. You can get many discounts on special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. CIRKUL does not often offer coupon codes on its website. We offer exclusive CIRKUL coupon codes that are regularly updated. You can use our CIRKUL coupons to get a discount anytime. There are some other offers and discounts as well.  CIRKUL offers bundle discounts, that is, the more you buy the more you save. They also offer rewards for referrals so you can invite your friends and get rewards. If someone uses your unique referral code for signing up, you will earn a sip and you can redeem after you’ve earned four. You will get a Stainless Steel bottle for free if you have earned ten referrals.

Customer Service at CIRKUL

CIRKUL has all the instructions for getting started on its website. You will get instructions about how to use the cartridge and the sip. There is a FAQ section that contains a lot of questions and answers that are divided based on categories. You are most likely to find the solution to your problem there. If you have any further queries that you would like to get help with, you can email at [email protected].

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  • Hotline: (941) 724-4382
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 4456 Eagle Falls Pl Tampa​, FL, 33619-9620 United States
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Delivery / Return Policy

If you have a demand to return any orders, Visit our page here to find out.


  • Hotline: (941) 724-4382
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 4456 Eagle Falls Pl Tampa​, FL, 33619-9620 United States

Cirkul Frequently Asked Questions

Is CIRKUL good for health?

CIRKUL declares they do not use sugar, so there are no extra calories. They claim it does not have any negative health effects as the flavors are natural without artificial coloring. The sips are also vitamins and electrolyte enriched. When flavored water contains too much sugar, or artificial sweeteners and sodium, it can be bad for health. But naturally flavored waters are a healthier alternative than drinking very little to no water at all.

How long is the life of CIRKUL cartridges?

Generally, the cartridge can last around 1-2 years. They are made of materials that are recyclable but you should check with your local jurisdiction on the regulations related to recycling. CIRKUL tries to reduce the amount of plastic used for every cartridge. CIRKUL sip or the flavor will usually last for four bottles after which you need to replace the sip.

Where to get CIRKUL coupons?

CIRKUL coupons are usually less frequently found on its website. Thus, you should look at this page and you will find all the coupon codes that are available now in one place. If you are looking for a discount then you should buy more items together. Generally, there are more discounts available at times of special occasions.

What is the return policy of CIRKUL?

For the most part, CIRKUL does not accept returns. This is because their product is consumable. However, if you are having any problem with your product then you can email them at [email protected]. They will try to resolve your problem with utmost care.

How to use CIRKUL promo codes?

Check out all the promo codes on this page. After you have selected the promo code that you want to use, copy the code and head over to the website of CIRKUL. You will see a coupon code entry box when checking out. Paste the code in the box and you will see if the code worked or not. If the code did not work you will get an error.

Does CIRKUL ship free?

Yes. Free shipping is available for any order that costs over $15. CIRKUL ships within the United States only. They use United States Postal Service and DHL for their shipping. Usually, the shipping takes 5-7 business days to reach their destination.

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