Best 15 Office Putting Sets to Make Your Office Look Great!

Learn what you should know and look for before purchasing an office putting set. Also, check the available top 15 office putting sets to buy in 2022 with DazzDeals.

In today’s society, it’s natural to become so preoccupied with work that you neglect other elements of your life. Tight scheduling, for example, might prevent you from participating in your preferred sports activities.

And if you enjoy golf, you know that to improve as a putter, you’ll have to invest in many practice sessions. Because finding time to attend the training during work may be difficult, so you may always indulge in an office putting set.

However, an artificial indoor golf set will not replicate an open golf course and will allow you to perfect your putting shots in the convenience of your residence. As an outcome, you may increase your putting abilities and feel confident to play with your friends on the course.

Finding the appropriate golf for an office set might be difficult with numerous online sellers and stores. Here we’ll discuss what you should know and look for before buying, and we’ve also compiled a list of several top office putting sets that will provide you with the best service.

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What to know before purchasing an office putting set?

There are several office putting sets on the market, each with its characteristics and costs. They may range from simple one-hole $49 putting sets to larger professional-style 5x10 foot putting sets with three steel golf cups and flags. If you are searching for an office putting set, you should consider the following:

  • It is the proper size for your workplace and will fit. You should consider the size of your office, the space required for the office golf set, and if it would hinder circulation within the area. Most putting mats are 7 to 12 feet in length and 1.5 to 6 feet broad.
  • The greens should be long-lasting and manufactured of a substance resistant to deterioration and strain.
  • It has a simple setup procedure that enables you to transfer it between your home and workplace effortlessly.
  • You should purchase a cost-effective putting set. Nevertheless, you mustn’t select only on price, as high-quality office putting sets are still available at mid-range prices.

What to look for in an office putting set?

The office putting set you purchase should assist you in improving your putting skills while also allowing you to use your leisure time best. Below are a few features to keep an eye out for:

  • Automated ball return: A putting course with an automated ball return helps you save time and makes practice rounds more effective. You can practice uninterrupted because you aren’t required to fetch the ball manually.
  • Multiple holes: A range of holes enables you to learn more quickly because you may begin with easier ones. Using this, you may substantially enhance your precision and consistency with each putting shot.
  • Slope: Putting surfaces with movable elevations keeps things exciting since they allow you to try various putting styles. Additionally, slopes will enable the ball to readily come back for a re-hit, providing you additional time to improve the putting strokes.
  • Portability: A portable putting set is recommended since you might have to move from one workplace to another. It should fit into a small box that you can transport.
  • Material quality: Office putting sets composed of lightweight materials wear out faster than heavy materials. Thinner mats grow holes more frequently than thicker ones.
  • Mat markings: Mats containing grid points or other relevant markings help you coordinate your posture and ball contact, which improves your golfing abilities.

List of the best office putting sets

Below are our best picks based on our study, analysis, and experience:

1. Perfect Practice Office Putting Set


It is designed for golf lovers who enjoy putting on their lunch hour. It is the favored indoor golf putter set of former world’s top golf player Dustin Johnson, as stated by the firm.

The 9.6-inch crystal velvet surface has two elevated cups that will test you like a typical game of golf. It has an excellent putting course to assist you in developing your game.

Furthermore, by not needing to retrieve your ball after every stroke, an automated ball return mechanism helps you save time. Likewise, distinct white lines assist you in mastering your goal.

2. Abco Tech Indoor Office Putting Set


A kidney-shaped golfing board featuring 3 holes, 2 bunker cut-outs, including 3 golf balls is available from Abco Tech. With 3 holes and a 3 by 9-inch surface, you can practice putting from multiple viewpoints.

Two cut-outs were installed behind the pit to serve as sand traps. For further accuracy in the courses, you must learn the skill of length management. Moreover, the mat’s rubber foundation makes it sturdy even on slick flooring. It is straightforward to fold and pack.

3. Club Champ Automatic Office Putting Set


It is positioned at the cheaper part of the mid-range marketplace, but it is well worth the extra money. Rather than a solo training cup, this pack contains a 7-inch mat that replicates real putting courses. Also, it immediately returns the ball.

Moreover, the cup is placed at the peak of a hill to assist you in improving your distance management. Unlike many other automated ball return items, it utilizes gravitational pull to return the ball towards you.

4. Putter Ball Office Putting Set


The office putting set is quite famous since it is portable, enjoyable, and accessible to all ages. If you haven’t already, you should check PutterBall, a beer pong/office golf hybrid.

The package is not intended to improve your golf game; rather, it is intended to provide a pleasant time with others who might not play much. This office golf set can also help you win beer pong sessions if you're a good putter.

Since all 3 models are incredibly portable, you can transport them everywhere and set them up very quickly. So experience some tremendous ponging thrill now.

5. SKLZ  Accelerator Pro Indoor Office Putting Set


This indoor golf set is simple to put together and will go in practically any workplace, house, garage, or apartment. It also features visual markers to show the distance of the follow-through and backswing for shots of 7,5, and 3 feet.

It has an incorporated ball return function, which makes it ideal for practice. The rolling pitch is genuine. It has a high elevation to aid you in practicing your stroke length and velocity. The office putting set is compact and can be moved from one location to the next in only about 2 minutes.

6. Neon Executive Office Putting Set


The putting set allows you to practice your putting swing both indoors and outdoors. The package includes a 4-piece putter, a training hole, and two golf balls. Additionally, a storage container lets you maintain all the parts together.

You can get suited up and begin working on your form in seconds. Attach the putter components, arrange the training cup where you want it, and start putting. The downside of this configuration is that whenever your carpets have an unbalanced pattern, your ball will move wherever.

Nevertheless, its accessibility, low cost, and ease of use make it an excellent indoor golf for office choice. Furthermore, the small size of the casing allows for convenient storage.

7. FORB Professional Office Putting Set


Taking your game to a higher level doesn’t need to be complicated. You may improve putting in genuine course settings at the workplace or home with a FORB office putting set. There are two types of putting sets offered. The standard form is 12 feet in length and has 2 holes.

It’s been professionally designed with a 40mm coarse and 12mm smooth putting green base, giving users the same qualities as if they were playing on an actual golf course, enabling you to train in match-like circumstances.

When not used, fold it up and put it wherever without fear of hurting something as there are no wrinkles in either case.

8. PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Office Putting Set


This office putting set will boost your overall skills irrespective of whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer. Its unique design allows you to train different putt distances and positions.

To ensure durability, urethane and polypropylene foams are used. Several holes enable you to play around with various angles. Budget-friendly, lightweight, simple to build, and easy to keep in multiple places

The office putting set allows you to enhance your putting abilities without the inconvenience of stepping outside. Its openings are constructed of plastic, which might be fragile and inexpensive occasionally. The mat is relatively thin.

9. JEF World Of Golf Hazard Deluxe Office Putting Set


It is the most fantastic indoor golf putter set for putting practice. Because a cup is situated at the slope’s peak, you cannot cut anything low. On the other hand, a bunker and a liquid trap are located on both sides of the cup. That implies you can’t swing too hard or too light on your putt.

In addition to its complex installation, the set has an automated ball return to quicken up the procedure after strokes. Considering its attractive attributes, this kit lacks putters and balls. You should, nevertheless, get these tools that will fix your issue.

10. Asgens Golf Office Putting Set


It has an automatic return mechanism. You do not need to retrieve the ball continuously to reduce time and concentrate your efforts on the practice. The putting set is composed of Grade-A grass to provide a genuine golfing experience and allow for spontaneous strokes.

It is of excellent quality, environmentally friendly, and odorless. It contains three additional training balls, eliminating the need to purchase other attachments, devices, or gear.

Moreover, the simple design enables you to begin playing right away. It is appropriate for both novice and expert golfers. The golf for office set is a great way for golfers to improve timing, stability, and poise from the ease of their own home, workplace, or anyplace else.

11. Big Moss Augusta V2 Office Putting Set


Big Moss is an office putting set manufacturer that produces some of the most incredible indoor golf sets on the market at reasonable costs. Augusta V2 is well-made, rolls smoothly, and has a lot of fans who give it rave ratings.

It’s great for those looking for a high-quality putting field that rolls smoothly for a reasonable price. The classic Big Moss version is perfect for year-round training and instruction and ideal for use at home or in the office.

The office golf set is multi-layered, triple-stitched, and constructed of a long-lasting material that requires minimal to no repair. In its courses, Big Moss employs the True Roll advanced technologies. It guarantees actual putting and chipping conditions, allowing you to transfer your training to the golf field as effectively as possible.

12. Helixus Office Putting Set


The Helixus office putting set is excellent value for money. It folds into a bag and provides the most comprehensive and portable golfing practice surface. This office golf set’s high-quality components enable it to be laid out effortlessly every session.

The non-slip rubber covering enables you to train on practically any floor. The mat design incorporates length indicators for each 12”, alignment bars for the clubhead route, and golf ball movement to help refine your putting stroke.

The regulation-size cup is silicone to avoid rolling on the surface and comfortably accommodates all three golf balls provided. A handy drawstring holding pack makes it simple to keep and transport this compact golf course and its attachments anywhere.

13. Putt Out Pro Office Putting Set


Among the few skill enhancement office putting sets on the marketplace is the Putt Out pro golf for office set. It has a streamlined layout with a black and blue motif that is simple to clean and keep. It makes practicing pleasant, productive, and simple to include into your day, regardless of where you’re.

The mat has a robust, heavy-rubber covering that allows it to lay nice and level on any floor. It’s also not your typical golf mat since it boasts a slew of functions designed to assist you in enhancing your stroke. It has effortless packing and design.

The putting platform is offered in three colors and functions on carpet or hardwood floors. It includes a low-profile drawstring carrying pouch for simple transportation.

14. VariSpeed Office Putting Set


Practice should be enjoyable, and the VariSpeed office putting set guarantees that. This training indoor golf putter set comprises 100% polyester and high-quality fibers.

Four tested velocities with changeable rates are tested based on how the mat is stroked. The visual ball trails allow you to analyze your skill correctly. These marks are erased with the brushing mat. The variable breaking wedge mechanism on the customized breaks makes putting as genuine and varied as needed.

Nothing prevents you from making the best of the training activities in the accompanying handbook. The mat is simple to set up and fold. It has two ball barriers to keep balls from sliding off the surface.

15. Rukket Office Putting Set


The Rukket putting set incorporates the best aspects of various mats to provide a comprehensive putting option for your office or home. It is a perfect choice if you’ve got some extra room at the workplace.

The markings on the surface indicate the length of the putt and how frequently professionals hit putts from that range. You may modify the level of your shot by adjusting the inclination on either the three-hole or single-hole match.

The realistic platform provides actual rolling, and the automatic return enables developing your putting stroke a breeze.

Office Putting Set FAQ

Are office putting sets worth it?

If you’re dedicated to improving your putting but find it difficult to train or lack time to travel to a golf course, an office putting set is worth having if you choose a well-made and helpful version.

They are beneficial because they can be utilized almost everywhere, kept anyplace, and provide instant feedback on your putting shot. Not to forget that choosing a version with a hole might boost your confidence immediately.

Is it preferable to purchase the putting mat and putter individually?

It varies on what you want to achieve from it. If you’re putting for leisure, you should get a package that contains everything you require, from the putter to the mat and balls.

Nevertheless, purchasing the parts individually is ideal if you want to develop your golf playing abilities because you’ll have additional mat alternatives and can utilize the same putter while golfing.

Can I use my office putting set outdoor?

Several indoor golf putting sets can be used outside, while others cannot. Ensure that you check the item-specifics of your specific model to see if it can be used outside. However, most are not intended to be kept outdoors throughout harsh weather, so fold them up after every outdoor use.

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Every workplace should have an office putting set. It will make an excellent addition to your office and allow you to take a brief break from your job. Golf is a terrific way to connect with colleagues and get some activity. It also gives you a chance to get away from work, which is good for your mental wellbeing.

Adding an office putting set in your workplace might assist you in reaping these advantages. Whenever workers require or desire to take time off from work, putting courses can be a great source of enjoyment.

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